Chili con Carne

Chili con Carne ★★★

Using a recipe from The Chili Cookbook by Robb Walsh.

This chili was fantastic, and goes a long way. Although it was tempting to buy the “chili grind” at the butcher, I invested the time in cutting up a 3 pound chuck roast into ¼ inch pieces, which took about an hour!

The Homemade Chili Powder that the chili calls for is also a must. Toasting the ancho chiles and cumin seeds is essential for the deep flavor that the finished product has.

We initially ate this chili as a Frito Pie (as featured), but we also enjoyed it in various forms over the next week, and I even froze a good amount for later! The finished product was perfect, almost mole-like. This one’s a keeper!

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